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Bakery washing systemNewsmith Stainless have recently installed a Batch Galaxy chocolate mould washing machine at Ile Maurice Chocolat in Nantes, France. The mould washer has been purchased to compliment an existing Batch Galaxy machine installed in 2006. ‘The second Batch Galaxy allows us to cope effectively with our huge spike in production around Christmas and Easter’ remarked Eric Mourier-Genoud, Ile Maurice’s chief engineer, ‘The Batch Galaxy’s versatility, compact design and low operating costs made the second purchase an easy decision.’

Each Newsmith mould washer is a bespoke machine, with racks built to customer specification, allowing the Batch Galaxy to accommodate all types and sizes of polycarbonate and vac-formed moulds as well as plaques, containers and general utensils. Requiring only one operator, the Batch Galaxy process involves a recirculated hot detergent wash followed by a fresh water rinse. A drying cycle follows, allowing clean and dry moulds to be unloaded quickly and efficiently. Occupying a minimum of floor space, the Batch Galaxy achieves a level of output and effectiveness that only larger machines are able to replicate.

The Batch Galaxy is a signature product in the varied range of Newsmith’s industrial washing machines; alongside the Panamatic series of utensil washers, the Silver Series basket washers and the Soaker Hydro crate washing systems.

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