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Bin Washers

Batch bin washing machines for all types of large food and waste containers. Specifically designed for thorough, efficient and economical cleaning. Can accommodate all types of wheeled bins or unwheeled IBC containers and pallets.

Product Description

Newsmith manufacture a wide range of industrial bin washers for the automatic cleaning of a wide variety of wheeled bins, Eurobins and vessels used in the food manufacturing industries.

Newsmith also manufacture machines to clean bins used in hospitals and similar facilities as well as vessels used in pharmaceutical manufacture.

  • An unrivalled, intense jet cleaning performance
  • The bin is rotated through an indexing pattern that is P.L.C. controlled to give infinite cycle variability
  • With its indexing rotation and efficient spinning wash pipework, the rotary bin washer ensures all internal and external surfaces are thoroughly sanitized.
  • Stainless steel construction throughout
  • Recirculating bin wash section
  • Automatic controls for timed wash and rinse
  • Operational efficiency with one person operation
  • Multiple pre-programmed wash cycles

Optional Equipment

  • Rinse booster tank with pump
  • Access ramp if machine is floor mounted
  • A pit mounted option is also available
  • Two door option for pass through operation
  • Choice of heating – steam, gas, electric – all thermostatically controlled
  • Stainless steel steam extract fan
  • Wash and rinse detergent dispenser
  • Trolley for smaller wheeled bins
  • Fully automatic conveyor feed and discharge
  • Automatic bin sanitizer
  • Fragrance spray facility
  • Lid washing rack
  • Final fresh water rinse

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