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Our expertise in the fabrication of stainless steel machinery complements our designs and enables us to offer a wide range of industrial washers to deal with a multitude of washing applications.

At Newsmith we can produce industrial washing machines to fit your exact requirements with an existing machine or a separate integral system.

Being manufactured in the best quality materials our industrial washing machines require the minimum of maintenance. Corrosion proof, they are resistant to all types of detergants and most acids. This ease of maintenance and their impressive appearance induces operator pride and generally shows an advanced approach to plant machinery.

Newsmith’s industrial washers can deal with phosphating problems, chemical etches, lubrizing treatments, swarf removal and general washing.

We have developed through tunnel washers, with flat bed conveyors or integral mono-rails either singly or in transfer arrangements.
Rotary drum industrial washers for dealing with large quantities of small components or cabinet washing machines for large comonents in small quantities.

In keeping with our philosophy we are constantly improving our existing industrial washing machines and developing new industrial washers.

By careful attention to unit and module design we are able to construct a wide variety of industrial washing machines from a series of basic components. This standardisation increases efficiency in our manufacturing and reduces the cost to the customer, as well as enabling us to hold sufficient stocks of equipment to give good service and quick delivery on both new industrial washers and replacement washer parts.

Newsmith industrial washing machines have a number of unique features developed to reduce maintenance costs, simplify operation and increase efficiency. Large access doors enable operators to work freely inside the industrial washer and big sludge removal doors simplify regular cleaning.

Various types of heating are available h.p.h.w or by steam using either coil or direct injection. Immersion tubes are used for gas and electricity and all are thermostatically controlled. Newsmith industrial washers provide large areas for filtration with easy access and quickly removed elements. Special consideration in design of jet pipes ensures easy removal and low maintenance. Vertical pumps are used whenever possible to eliminate gland maintenance. Noise level has been substantially reduced to ensure operator comfort; yet another aid to efficiency.

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