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Industrial Washing Machines
The word “washing machine” generally evokes the image of equipment used to wash clothes. However, there are several other applications of industrial washing machine in areas besides apparel washing.

Uses of Industrial Washing Machines
Industries involved in manufacturing use a lot of equipment to carry out the several steps in the manufacturing process. Industrial washing machines are used for the cleaning of this equipment between batches of products, to ensure there are no remnants of material that is likely to contaminate or influence the quality and purity of the new batch. Some of the areas where these machines are used include:

Types of Industrial Washing Machines
Depending on the equipment they clean, industrial washing machines can be of different types. The crate washing machine is widely used in the pharmaceutical, food processing and agriculture industries to clean crates through an automated process of pre-wash, wash and rinse.
Pan washers are used in the food processing industry for cleaning bakery pans that have been used for making cakes, breads and sweet foods. Some of these washing units work offline and require manual loading whereas others work on automatic food production lines.
Dairy product and chocolate manufacturers make use of moulds during the manufacturing process. These moulds need to be washed and thoroughly dried between batches and this is precisely what a chocolate mould washing machine does.
Pharmaceutical, automotive and food industries use pallets for storing and transporting containers. Over time, these pallets tend to get dirty and need to be cleaned. Pallet washers have a large capacity and allow the simultaneous washing and subsequent drying of a large number of pallets that are ready for immediate use.
In the engineering and automotive industry, several machining processes such as heat treatment and forging are used. Manufactured components often contain a lot of grease, oil and metal chippings called swarf. It is vital to remove these contaminants prior to further use of the components, and this cleaning is achieved through the use of industrial washing machines called component washers.
Industrial washing machines are also useful in the cleaning of hospital equipment such as beds and wheelchairs.

The Cleaning Process
Machines used in industrial washing depend on several materials to complete the cleaning process. Besides the use of water and heat, these industrial washing machines require special chemicals and detergents to aid the cleaning process. Certain cleaning applications call for the use of caustic detergents whereas others require a low level of foaming. Defoamers and scale-inhibiting formulations as well as descalers are also used to enhance the cleaning process.

Choosing Industrial Washing Machines
Cleaning is an important step in ensuring the manufacture of quality products. Therefore, it is vital to pay attention to certain factors when choosing industrial washing machines. The handling capacity of the machine should be adequate to meet your washing requirements. Pay attention to the chemicals that need to be used during the washing process to ensure there is no danger from an accidental contamination of your product.
Industrial washing machines are a major investment for any manufacturing facility. However, it is important to remember that quality always comes at a price. Therefore, rather than allowing financial considerations to influence your choice, it is best to purchase the machine that uses the best cleaning technology to ensure you a fool-proof cleaning process.

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