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Oddy, a member of the Newsmith Group, have completed the installation of a complete new production line for one of Brazil’s leading producers of morning goods and pitta bread. The four-row bespoke plant, a Novatek 428 bread roll line, is providing excellent levels of throughput, production quality, consistency and, importantly, flexibility of production.

The standard Novatek 428 bread roll plant consists of a roll divider, moulding table and bread roll panner. The manually loaded roll divider weighs and rounds dough pieces, forming them into a choice of products ranging in weight from 10 to 210 grams, before discharging them in rows of four onto a conveyor. The divider speed can be adjusted to a variable output of up to 24,000 goods per hour, and has been designed with minimal maintenance in mind – proven by build features such as long life, non-stick coatings and sealed bearings.

From here the multi-function, modular moulding table forms products into, for example, finger rolls, sub rolls or bread cakes before they are automatically delivered onto the roll panner. The product is then collated into batches before being transferred automatically into trays prior to baking.

This standard design has been modified to accommodate a dual function option for the customer. Set at the rate of 12,000 90g pittas an hour, the plant has been fitted with a bespoke cross conveyor and secondary pinner to allow the customer to produce traditional Empadinhas, a Brazilian meat pie, in a controlled process. Additionally, the Novatek plant has been customised with a variable machine speed in order to suit demand further down the production line – preventing the risk of product build up on the customer’s existing fixed speed conveyors.

‘We believe this bespoke Novatek plant is a brilliant demonstration of our equipment design and ability to meet customer requirements’ remarked John Glover, Oddy Sales Manager. ‘The key requirement of the specification at the customer’s site was to provide a machine that could produce an array of varying morning goods at a consistent rate, with minimal impact further down the production line. The addition of the cross conveyor and secondary pinner demonstrates the ease with which Oddy equipment can produce speciality products such as the Empadinha’.

‘Following successful trials and commissioning, the customer will be placing an order for a second line in 2015. This will comprise of either a four or six row plant, dependent on demand,’

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