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Newsmith At Interpack 2017

Newsmith at Interpack 2017

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of washing, drying and automated handling systems, Newsmith are attending and exhibiting at the Interpack 2017 Trade Fair. Newsmith provide both a standard range of washing, drying and automated handling systems and tailored custom solutions within a range of diverse industries from confectionery to beverage, chocolate to beverage . This year for the 2017 Interpack Trade Fair in Dusseldorf, Newsmith are showcasing their specialist chocolate mould washing and drying equipment and stacking equipment.

Located on stand 4C20, the Newsmith team are ready to demonstrate the outstanding efficiency and efficacy of our cleaning machines and stacking devices. Newsmith Sales Managers, Paul Careless and John Glover are joined by the Export Sales Manager, Ryan Atkins and International Sales Manager Andrew Robinson, who will be available to discuss each cleaning machine and the complete range of Newsmith machinery in detail.

Newsmith will be demonstrating the superior performance of their cleaning machines at stand 4C20. The Silver Series S4 is a chocolate mould and chocolate plaque washer which operates at high speed providing continuous washing and drying operation for a volume manufacturer. The S4 is one of a range of Newsmith cleaning machines developed to ensure the gentle cleaning and drying process results in perfectly clean and dry chocolate moulds and plaques every time, economically and with minimal environmental impact.

In addition to the Silver Series S4 washing machine, the compact Batch Galaxy washing machine is also located on stand 4C20. The Batch Galaxy is a more compact batch washing machine, requiring only minimal floor space but without compromising on output. The Batch Galaxy washing machine provides an economical cleaning system by recirculating the hot detergent wash, followed by a clean water rinse. The Batch Galaxy cleaning machine is an energy efficient batch washing system with its use of recirculated hot

water; requiring less energy, detergent and water to operate. Delicate chocolate moulds and plaques are clean and ready for use with the Batch Galaxy cleaning machines; a truly versatile and economically batch washing machine. The compact Batch Galaxy is easy to use and requires only one operator.

The Newsmith Panamatic 700 batch washing machine requires one operator for its operation and is a generously proportioned batch cleaning machine for pots, pans, utensils and trays. The Panamatic 700 is a robust cabinet washer, constructed entirely from stainless steel for durability and cleanliness. An elegantly simple and efficient cabinet washer that will wash, rinse and dry with only one person operation.  The Panamatic range has both a larger and smaller capacity option available.

Newsmith expertise in conveying systems and stacking devices is demonstrated by the Newsmith range of basket stackers which can handle up to 32 baskets per minute. The Basket Stacker can be supplied as a stand-alone unit or can be integrated within an automated basket handling system; installations can be specified with automatic pallet and dolly loading, and are ideal for use with the Newsmith basket and pallet conveyors. The Basket Stacker reduces the need for the manual stacking of baskets, reducing man hours required to stack baskets and manual handling of the baskets by automating the system of stacking the baskets at the end of the production line. The Basket Stacker is manufactured from stainless steel and designed to meet the specification for basket or crate size and throughput rates required. The Basket Stacker is easy to adjust and to operate; the stack height, stack transfer speed and conveyor speed can easily be adjusted from the control panel.

Newsmith manufacture washing, drying and handling equipment for a wide range of industries and applications and offer a wide range of standard cleaning machines and conveying systems. Their commitment to provide a solution to meet their clients’ requirements is at the heart of their design and manufacturing process. Visitors to Stand 4C20 will be able to see for themselves the high levels of performance that are achieved and gain a full understanding of why Newsmith is a world leader in the manufacture of washing, drying and handling equipment for industry throughout the world. Oddy, the renowned British manufacturer of bakery equipment is part of the Newsmith group and like their parent group, Oddy provide custom built bread roll plants to meet the requirements of each individual bakery. Oddy have manufactured bread production and bakery equipment since 1945 and remain at the forefront of bakery equipment manufacturing, the Newsmith team on stand 4C20 are able to provide detailed information about the Newsmith range of Oddy bakery equipment.

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