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Bread Pan Cleaners

The dry system pan cleaner is designed to handle bread and bun pans as well as other bakery trays, the Newsmith bread pan cleaner provides the ultimate dry pan cleaning system for industrial bakeries.

Product Description

Considered to be an industry standard, the Newsmith industrial dry bread pan cleaner uses a combination of brush and the unique Newsmith high velocity air knife treatments to remove debris from bread pans after depanning or before panning.

  • Designed to suit all standard conveyor types
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Machine handing to suit site requirements
  • Designed for simple integration into existing conveyor systems
  • Simple access for cleaning and maintenance
  • High specification air filtration system
  • Economical running costs

Optional Equipment

  • Brushes for removal of deposits around pan tops
  • Automatic discharge debris conveyor for high volume removal
  • Multiple lane versions available
  • Special models available to suit inclined conveyors
  • Magnetic rail guides
  • Pan conveyors
  • Auto shutdown
  • Integral magnetic conveyor unit
  • Flour or dust extraction unit as required

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